Hello from Dekalb, IL

This will soon be the weblog for me, Matt O'Dell, but until I get the design up and running, here are some links to a few of the sites I have designed and some of the weblogs I read religiously.

And for fun, you can check out my CSS layout of a Chicago Web Design Company's website. The original website was done in tables and can be found at www.sandstormdesign.com. My redesign using CSS can be found here.

If you read the code and CSS file on the original site, it is very redundant and over coded. My redesign is only 11 Kb's where their original page is 21 Kb's (including the css file for both). Taking into account that their page was 18 Kb's to my 7, therefore cutting the download time in half, and it won't have to download that extra 11 Kb's everytime because the layout is contained in the CSS file, not the html page.